Burger King

F&B Asia Ventures’ subsidiaries are proud to bring this internationally-recognised quick service restaurant brand to India and Indonesia, providing a quality dining experience for consumers in those countries. 

Burger King India

QSR Asia, a joint venture between F&B Asia Ventures and Burger King Asia Pacific, is 100% shareholder of Burger King India which secured the Master Franchise rights of Burger King in India in 2013 for 25 years . Burger King India launched its first outlet in the fourth quarter of 2014 and has since continued to roll out outlets across major cities including Mumbai and Delhi. Its menu offering is a blend of Burger King’s signature sandwiches, along with specially developed menu options to curate to local preferences. The marketing plans specially targeted for its audience in India to build brand and location awareness have been executed to create a strong brand identity in India.

Website: http://burgerkingindia.in

Burger King Indonesia

QSR Indoburger, a 100% subsidiary of F&B Asia Ventures, acquired a shareholding in the owner of the Master Franchise rights of Burger King Indonesia in 2014. Currently, there are outlets in Jakarta and across Java, Bali and Sumatra and the menu offering includes signature burgers, along with specialties innovated for the local audience. The well-established chain will continue to improve its menu architecture, engineering more localised recipes. Burger King Indonesia will continue to expand its footprint in the coming years.

Website: http://burgerking.id

India and Indonesia